Master Plumbers Offers

Master Plumbers Training Courses

NZPM is pleased to offer all our Shareholders a 20% subsidy on all Master Plumber Training Courses. Master Plumbers provide a number business courses to help you and your business succeed.

Topics include:

  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing - Are you complying with the Act?
  • How to Use your Talent to Build Your Best business
  • Gasfitting Refresher Workshop
  • Dealing with Consumers: Your Rights and Obligations
  • Construction Contract Act

To find out more, and to register: Click the button below.

To receive NZPM’s 20% subsidy on your selected training course, enter the discount code NZPM20 at registration/checkout. Exclusive to NZPM Shareholders.

NZPM Shareholder Offer Master Plumbers Courses Feb 2020

Master Plumbers Membership Deal

For a limited time only, sign up for a Master Plumbers membership package and receive 50% OFF the first year of fees*. Use promo code NZPM50 to receive this offer.

Top 5 member benefits:

  • Master Plumbers brand
  • Quality assurance
  • Industry training
  • Master Plumbers Guarantee
  • Member rewards
NZPM Shareholder Offer Master Plumbers Deal

NZPM is committed to working with our valued shareholders to improve their business efficiency. 

In addition to providing all our customers with excellent customer service and product knowledge, NZPM shareholders are offered a quarterly rebate on selected Plumbing World exclusive products, preferential allocation of MaxPoints on purchases and a business listing on the Plumbing World website.  NZPM also provides shareholders with access to free and subsidised training for technical subjects, business efficiency, health and safety and other topical training and development courses.

NZPM is also committed to working with the Master Plumbers Gasfitters & Drainlayers NZ Inc. (Master Plumbers) to improve and enforce products quality standards, training and industry safety standards.  Master Plumbers are extremely passionate about getting younger people into the industry including supporting apprentices through a scholarships programme.

Here are testimonials from NZPM Shareholders:

Scott Garvie from Scotties Potties is an NZPM Shareholder in Wellington and he has this to say about being a part of the NZPM Cooperative:

“ I signed up as a Shareholder with NZPM on day one of starting my business. I had seen the benefits my previous employer had received and I got the same treatment even as the new guy. With the instalment option of paying off shares it helped with cash flow keeping money where it’s needed in my business.  Since then Plumbing World has helped my company grow and now I couldn’t think of shopping anywhere else.” 


Layne Watson from Layne Watson Plumbing Ltd has this to say about the NZPM Cooperative:

“We believe that being a Shareholder in NZPM has led to the continued success and growth of our plumbing business in Christchurch.   Our relationships with staff at Branch and Head Office levels have benefitted our business through professional development and invaluable contacts throughout the plumbing industry of New Zealand.  We enjoy being a part of a large corporation and all the business and social opportunities it provides. “  


Blake Solomon from BSP:

“I am a certifying Plumber, Gasfitter and Drainlayer in Gisborne.  From the moment I started my apprenticeship there was no doubt in my mind that when I went out on my own, in my own business, that I would become a Shareholder in NZPM.  NZPM/Plumbing World is more than just a supply merchant to me, it is a partnership.  They helped give me the tools and the confidence to know that I could be successful in my own business.  Being part of this cooperative gives me a sense of having ownership of something larger. I can share in the benefits of being part of the largest national NZ owned plumbing supplies merchant.”