Overseas Trip Programme

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Plumbing World has been successfully running their bi-annual Overseas Trips Programme since 1988.

During this time they have given NZPM Shareholders 17 memorable destinations and once in a lifetime experiences.  From dining in a sugar cane filed in Port Douglas to a cocktail function on the trading room floor of the New York Stock Exchange, the PW Trips Programme is renowned for delivering true unforgettable moments.  Our Shareholders also value the camaraderie these overseas trips create and they love travelling with their friends every two years to exciting destinations.


In Singapore, May 2015, for the first time, two back to back trips were announced.  One being Rome in May 2017, and Fiji in May 2018.  NZPM Shareholders can choose which destination they would like to attend and it is great to see that many couples have decided to travel to both destinations.


Delegates can pay for their trip over a period of time and with a couple of payment options.  MaxPoints conversions are also on offer to help offset your travel costs.


If you have yet to experience the magic of a Plumbing World overseas trip, don’t delay and talk to your local PW Branch Manager today.  For a hassle free and memorable way to see the world, this is a great option for our Shareholders.